Who Are We?

Vancouver First Time Home Buyers is a collective group of industry professional with the mission to educate all first time property owners in Vancouver. Our group consists of the following real estate industry experts:

  1. Realtor to Guide Your Through the Entire Process
  2. Mortgage Broker to Help You Get the Financing You Need
  3. Home Inspector to Ensure Your First Purchase is a Good One
  4. Insurance Specialist to Help You Understand the Important of Home Insurance.

Why Work With First Time Home Buyers?

An investment in real estate is a huge commitment and jumping into the process blind is never advised. Real estate is our passion and so is educating industry newbies. We aim to ensure that every first time buyer that works with us is taken through the process as seamlessly as possible. We are here to answer all of your questions.

Why Should You Invest In Real Estate?

Real estate in Vancouver is a no-brainer investment. The average property increases at 3%/year. In recent years, growth of up to 10% is not uncommon. What other “investment” produce those types of guaranteed returns? None. For current market information for first time home buyers, check out our blog.

The Team

Marcella Riccardi-Realtor